Hard-of-Hearing Resources

Although our classes are not designed for clients who are hard of hearing, we have had a large number of deaf students in the past.

Please keep in mind that covering the costs associated with hiring or providing sign language interpreters would result in an undue burden on our business, as our classes are held individually based on the funds available for that class, and typically the costs of a sign language interpreter will prevent the class from being held, fundamentally altering the nature of the services provided. That said, we do welcome hard of hearing clients into our classes, if accompanied by at least one interpreter. Due to the length of our classes, some clients may want to hire two interpreters.

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf is s a reliable source for finding an interpreter. We are not associated or affiliated with this organization in any way, and all responsibility for hiring an sign language interpreter(s) remain with the student.

There are no extra fees to our organization for a seat for interpreter(s). We do require notification at time of registration if an interpreter will be accompanying a client to class.

Adobe tools help achieve 508 standards compliance

Ledet training supports organizations seeking to implement Section 508 compatibility in their documents through our Section 508 training classes. Adobe products are some of the most accessible software products available. Photoshop supports accessibility by providing color blindness filters, soft proofing for color blindness, and CUD accessibility verification.

Section 508 compliance for most Adobe product is available at Adobe's Accessibility Standards web page. Products listed on this page all have a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) that details all the regulations of the U.S. Section 508 accessibility standard and explains how a given product helps comply with each provision. The VPAT was developed by the Information Technology Industry Council to be used across the software industry.