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Get trained to become Adobe or Apple Certified.

It can be difficult to get ahead in today's market. To stand out and be noticed. More than ever, you need a clear and focused way to tell the world about your expertise. The solution? Become Adobe or Apple Certified with training from Ledet Adobe authorized training centers.

Adobe and Apple certification programs provide an industry standard of excellence, and it's the absolute best way to communicate your proficiency in leading products from Adobe and Apple. Don't just believe us, check out this Adobe Certified Expert testimonial.

As an individual, an Adobe or Apple Certified credential allows you to:

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Get your résumé noticed
  • Attract and win new business
  • Gain recognition from your employer
  • Leverage the power of the Adobe and Apple brand by using certification related logos on your business card or website.
  • Apple Certified Pros may also list their certifications on the Apple Certified Professional Registry.

As a business, use the Adobe or Apple Certified credential as a benchmark so you can:

  • Find the right person for the job
  • Quickly assess candidate skill level
  • Invest in, and promote, your most promising employees

Adobe certification training

Adobe's training courses feature hands-on tasks and real-world scenarios. In a matter of days, you'll be more productive and an expert on new technology standards. You can learn from an expert in a public class or schedule an onsite class at your company.

To become an Adobe Certified Expert, you must pass one or more product-specific proficiency exams and agree to the Adobe Certified Expert terms and conditions. Adobe also has Adobe Certified Expert Specialist and Adobe Certified Expert Master designations available in the Adobe certification program.

Adobe Certified Expert - Specialist program

The Adobe Certified Expert - Specialist program recognizes your proficiency in a specific medium: print, web, or video. To become certified as a Specialist, you must pass a specific set of exams. For each Adobe Certified Expert specialist certification track you must pass the current version of all required (R) exams and any one elective (E) within that track. All exams must be the same version, for example, all CS4 or CS5.

Free Adobe Certification Prep Guides
Acrobat X ACE Acrobat X Certification Guide Acrobat X Recertification Guide
After Effects CS5 ACE After Effects CS5 Certification Guide After Effects CS5 Recertification Guide
Captivate 5.5 ACE Captivate 5.5 Certification Guide  

Captivate 5.5 with
eLearning Suite ACE

Captivate 5.5 ELS Certification Guide Note: This exam os an add-on to the regular Captivate 5.5 exam.
ColdFusion 9 ACE ColdFusion 9 Certification Guide  
Dreamweaver CS5 ACE Dreamweaver CS5 Certification Guide Dreamweaver CS5 Recertification Guide
Dreamweaver CS6 ACA Dreamweaver CS6 ACA Exam Objectives  
Flash CS5 ACE Flash CS5 Certification Guide Flash CS5 Recertification Guide
Flash CS6 ACA Flash CS6 ACA Exam Objectives  
Flex 4.5 ACE Flex 4.5 Certification Guide  
FrameMaker 10 ACE FrameMaker 10 Certification Guide  
Illustrator CS5 ACE Illustrator CS5 Certification Guide Illustrator CS5 Recertification Guide
InDesign CS5 ACE InDesign CS5 Certification Guide InDesign CS5 Recertification Guide
Lightroom 3 ACE Lightroom 3 Certification Guide  
Photoshop CS5 ACE Photoshop CS5 Certification Guide Photoshop CS5 Recertification Guide
Photoshop CS6 ACA Photoshop CS6 ACA Exam Objectives  
Premiere Pro CS5 ACE Premiere Pro CS5 Certification Guide  
Premiere Pro CS6 ACA Premiere Pro CS6 ACA Exam Objectives  
RoboHelp 9 ACE RoboHelp 9 Certification Guide  

Adobe Certified Expert - Master program

The Adobe Certified Expert - Master program recognizes your your skills with entire Adobe product suites. To become certified as an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Master, you must pass the current exam for each of the products in the suite. All exams must be the same version, for example, all CS4 or CS5.

Adobe Design Master
Required Exams
Adobe Certified Web Master
Required Exams
Adobe Certified Video Master
Required Exams
Adobe® Acrobat® Professional Adobe Acrobat Professional Adobe AfterEffects®
Adobe InDesign® Adobe Dreamweaver® Adobe Flash
Adobe Illustrator® Adobe Flash® Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop® Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop
  Adobe Photoshop® Adobe Premiere®

Adobe certification testing

Adobe Certified Expert exams are administered by Pearson VUE, an independent third-party testing company. The tests are offered at over five thousand authorized testing centers in over one hundred countries. The certification exam fee is $180. There's a 50% discount available for educators and students.

Adobe certification renewal

Your certification is valid until 90 days after a new exam is published for a designated product upgrade. Adobe will e-mail you with the details about new exams and a reminder of when your certification is due for renewal. You may continue to use references to your certification provided you state the version of the Adobe product for which you are certified. If you are an Adobe Certified Expert for the most recent prior version, you can renew your certification by taking a web administered exam from your desktop.

The recertification tests consist of 30-60 multiple choice questions focusing exclusively on new product features. Each exam takes 30 minutes to one hour to complete. Results are revealed immediately after you finish. The price of web administered Adobe Certified Expert recertification exams is $80.

At any time you can check your certification status and get official Adobe verification sent directly to others at the Adobe Certified Expert community site.

Last updated: 07/08/2012

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