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Adobe ColdFusion - Fast Track to ColdFusion Training Course

Adobe ColdFusion - Fast Track to ColdFusion Training Schedule

ColdFusion Training Course Synopsis

This class provides you with the concepts and skills to use ColdFusion effectively. This 2-day course will familiarize you with the ColdFusion development environment and the integration of other Adobe products, including CFEclipse and Dreamweaver.

Prerequisites for this ColdFusion Training Course

Knowledge of your operating system and basic computer navigation is required for all classes. We also recommend that you have the Adobe ColdFusion software before starting the class. You can purchase the software or obtain a trial version of it from the Adobe website.

What You Will Learn in This ColdFusion Training Course

  • Setting Up ColdFusion development environment
  • Using Dreamweaver and CFEclipse
  • Publishing dynamic data using ColdFusion tags
  • Reusing common code
  • Building forms with ColdFusion
  • Building search interfaces
  • Incorporating JavaScript to perform client-side validation
  • Securing Web pages

ColdFusion Training Course Length and Time

This class is 2 days long. Class time is 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Breaks are scheduled throughout the day and lunch is typically scheduled 12-1. Students provide their own lunch.

ColdFusion - Fast Track to ColdFusion - Enrollment

Please see our Enrollment Page ( for our enrollment form.

Locations for this ColdFusion Training Course

We have training centers in Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Denver, San Diego and Washington DC. We also offer classes at a network of rental facilities. We offer private onsite training and instructor-led, live online training. If coming to a rental facility, please double-check the location of your class with our office to make sure you get to the right location.

Goals for this ColdFusion Training Course

Sterling Ledet and Associates realizes the importance of education and we take pride in being able to offer you classes that are more custom fit to your needs. Call us at (877) 819-2665 if you have any special questions or e-mail us at

Lesson 1 - Introducing to ColdFusion

  • Dynamic HTML generation
  • CFML and ColdFusion
  • ColdFusion Administrator
  • ColdFusion datasources

Lesson 2 - Getting Started with ColdFusion Builder

  • Eclipse and ColdFusion Builder
  • Exploring the ColdFusion Builder interface
  • Creating a project and your first application
  • Debugging applications
  • Accessing help in Adobe ColdFusion Builder
  • Advanced features

Lesson 3 - Creating ColdFusion variables

  • Displaying variable values
  • Working with forms
  • Introducing ColdFusion forms
  • Commenting code
  • Conditional statements
  • Reusing code with

Lesson 4 - Publishing Database Content

  • Connecting to a database
  • Querying a database table
  • Viewing debug data
  • Dumping a recordset to a browser
  • Displaying database data
  • Using the Resultset data
  • Introducing CurrentRow
  • Using URL data in dynamic queries
  • Creating dynamic SQL for multiple search criteria
  • Query parameters and caching

Lesson 5 - Complex Variable Types

  • Using ColdFusion functions
  • Looping over data
  • Working with lists
  • Working with arrays
  • Working with structures

Lesson 6 - ColdFusion Components

  • Reusing code
  • Using custom tags
  • Creating user-defined functions
  • Introduction to components

Lesson 7 - Introduction to Object Oriented ColdFusion

  • Instance-based components
  • Caching instances
  • Adding methods to a component
  • Property getters and setters

Lesson 8 - The Application Framework

  • Addressing the web’s statelessness
  • Using the application framework
  • Configuring application settings
  • Handling application events
  • Handling request events
  • Locking shared scope variables
  • Handling session events
  • OnServerStart()
  • applicationStop()

Lesson 9 - Tags Galore

  • Using cfmap
  • Using cfspreadsheet
  • Creating PDFs with cfdocument
  • Using cfimage
  • Using cfmediaplayer
  • Filesystem tags
  • Email tags
  • Using cfprogressbar
  • Using cfmessagebox


Our goal is to make sure your class meets your objectives, not ours. Therefore, all of our outlines are treated as guides to help steer the workshop. This outline does not guarantee that all the topics listed will be covered in the time allowed. The amount of material covered is based on the skill level of the student audience. We may change or alter course topics to best suit the classroom situation.

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Comments from Students

It was very good for me due to not having used CF before. For beginners it is a must.

- Anonymous, May 16, 2017

Very informative, easy to understand, and covered the important topics

- T. L., Mar 24, 2015

It was a great class. It was really fast and demanding, but I learned a lot from it.

- Anonymous, Mar 24, 2015