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Apple iWorks for iPad : Numbers, Pages and Keynote Training Course

iWorks for iPad : Numbers, Pages and Keynote Training Schedule

iWorks for iPad Training Course Synopsis

In this class you will learn to master all 3 iWork apps. You will start out with Pages, move on to Numbers and end up with Keynote to round out this 2 day class. Please Note: This class was created by Sterling Ledet and Associates, Inc. specifically for its customers, and is not authorized or sponsored by Apple Inc.

Prerequisites for iWorks for iPad

This is a beginner course, general iPad knowledge is required.

What you will learn in iWorks for iPad

  • Pages for iPad Overview
  • Working with Pages for iPad
  • Creating Documents
  • Importing and Exporting Documents
  • Working with Text
  • Working with Images and Shapes
  • Arranging Objects and Text
  • Working with Charts
  • Working with Tables
  • Spreadsheet Essentials
  • Data Entry
  • Formulas and Functions
  • Charts
  • Text Boxes, Shapes, and Images
  • Sharing Spreadsheets
  • Keynote for iPad Overview
  • Bringing Documents into Keynote
  • Creating a Presentation
  • Getting the Type Right
  • Working with Tables
  • Creating Charts
  • Using Transitions and Animations
  • Giving the Presentation
  • Moving Documents from your iPad

iWorks for iPad Length and Time

This class is 2 days long. Class time is 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Breaks are scheduled throughout the day and lunch is typically scheduled 12-1. Students provide their own lunch.

Enrollment in iWorks for iPad

Please see our Enrollment Page ( for our enrollment form.

iWorks for iPad course Locations

We have training centers in Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Denver, San Diego and Washington DC. We also offer classes at a network of rental facilities. We offer private onsite training and instructor-led, live online training. If coming to a rental facility, please double-check the location of your class with our office to make sure you get to the right location.

Goals for iWorks for iPad

Sterling Ledet and Associates realizes the importance of education and we take pride in being able to offer you classes that are more custom fit to your needs. Call us at (877) 819-2665 if you have any special questions or e-mail us at

Lesson 1 Pages for iPad Overview

  • Combo with a Difference
  • Pages vs. Pages
  • Text Options
  • Image Options
  • Shape Options
  • Chart Options
  • Table Options

Lesson 2 Working with Pages for iPad

  • Moving Around the iPad
  • Using the Screen Keyboard
  • Using an External Keyboard
  • Opening Pages for iPad
  • Navigating in Pages for iPad
  • Selecting Text
  • Putting It All Together

Lesson 3 Creating Documents

  • Creating a New Document
  • Duplicating a Document
  • Deleting a Document
  • Setting Page Margins and Size
  • Adding Content to Headers or Footers
  • Putting It All Together

Lesson 4 Importing and Exporting Documents

  • Moving Files Using iTunes
  • Moving Files Using Email
  • Sharing Files Using
  • Printing iPad Documents
  • Putting It All Together

Lesson 5 Working with Text

  • Styling Text and Paragraphs
  • Changing Text Colors and Fonts
  • Working with Lists
  • Setting Paragraph Alignment and Margins
  • Setting Tab Stops
  • Working with Text Columns
  • Using Page Breaks
  • Using Text Tools
  • Putting It All Together

Lesson 6 Working with Images and Shapes

  • Importing Images
  • Inserting Images and Video
  • Moving and Resizing Objects
  • Masking Images
  • Flipping Images
  • Adding Text Boxes
  • Inserting Shapes
  • Putting It All Together

Lesson 7 Arranging Objects and Text

  • Arranging Objects
  • Working with Edge Guides
  • Stacking Objects
  • Arranging Objects with Text
  • Putting It All Together

Lesson 8 Working with Charts

  • Adding Charts
  • Adding or Deleting Columns and Rows
  • Changing Chart Colors or Types
  • Changing Titles and Legends
  • Placing Value Labels
  • Displaying Axis Items
  • Plotting Series
  • Putting It All Together

Lesson 9 Working with Tables

  • Adding and Removing Tables
  • Selecting Cells, Columns, or Rows
  • Adding or Deleting Columns and Rows
  • Moving Cell Content
  • Moving and Resizing Columns or Rows
  • Changing Table Colors
  • Changing Table Layout
  • Setting Grid Options
  • Putting It All Together

Lesson 10 Getting Started Numbers for iPads

  • Getting Numbers
  • The Numbers Interface

Lesson 11 Spreadsheet Essentials

  • Spreadsheets
  • Tables
  • Cells
  • Rows and Columns
  • Sheets

Lesson 12 Data Entry

  • Editing and Formatting Cells
  • Copying and Moving Cells
  • Filling Cells with Data Series
  • Using Forms to Edit Lists
  • Sorting Rows in a Table
  • Using Text-Editing Tools

Lesson 13 Formulas and Functions

  • Formula Basics
  • Summarizing Data Quickly
  • Elements of Formulas
  • Entering Formulas
  • Determining the Order of Operations
  • Understanding Cell References
  • Using Cell References
  • Understanding Comparison Operators
  • Using Comparison Operators
  • Understanding Functions
  • Using Functions
  • Copying and Moving Formulas
  • Handling Errors

Lesson 14 Charts

  • Chart Basics
  • Choosing a Chart Type
  • Creating a Chart
  • Formatting a Chart

Lesson 15 Text Boxes, Shapes, and Images

  • Creating an Object
  • Working with Images
  • Formatting Text
  • Styling Objects
  • Arranging Objects

Lesson 16 Sharing Spreadsheets

  • Exporting and Importing Spreadsheets via iTunes
  • Sharing Spreadsheets via
  • Emailing Spreadsheets

Lesson 17 Keynote for iPad Overview

  • Exploring the Keynote Workspace
  • Anatomy of a Slide
  • Changing the Canvas Magnification
  • Getting On-Screen Help

Lesson 18 Bringing Documents into Keynote

  • Moving Documents to the iPad
  • Importing Keynote and PowerPoint Documents
  • Importing Limitations

Lesson 19 Creating a Presentation

  • Creating a New Presentation
  • Adding Slides
  • Deleting Slides
  • Grouping Slides
  • Changing the Slide Order
  • Duplicating Slides
  • Managing Presentations
  • Numbering Slides
  • Previewing the Presentation

Lesson 20 Getting the Type Righ

  • Adding Title and Body Text
  • Working with Text Boxes
  • Styling Text
  • Working with Font Styles
  • Working with Lists
  • Setting Text Layout
  • Finding and Replacing Text
  • Proofing your Work

Lesson 21 Illustrating Your Presentation

  • Placing Images and Videos
  • Positioning and Resizing Graphics
  • Masking Images
  • Inserting Shapes
  • Inserting Text into Shapes
  • Styling Photos
  • Styling Shapes
  • Flipping Graphics
  • Layering Graphics

Lesson 22 Working with Tables

  • Creating a Table
  • Selecting Table Elements
  • Working with Table Elements
  • Formatting and Styling Tables

Lesson 23 Creating Charts

  • About Chart Types
  • Adding Charts
  • Editing Chart Data
  • Changing Chart Types
  • Transposing Chart Plots
  • Modifying Chart Elements
  • Working with Pie Charts

Lesson 24 Using Transitions and Animations

  • Applying Slide Transitions
  • Creating Magic Moves
  • Animating Bulleted Text
  • Animating Charts and Tables
  • Creating Object Builds
  • Ordering Object Builds

Lesson 25 Giving the Presentation

  • Preparing to Present
  • Cool Presentation Gear
  • Running the Presentation

Lesson 26 Moving Documents from your iPad

  • Exporting Documents to Your Computer
  • Emailing Presentations


Our goal is to make sure your class meets your objectives, not ours. Therefore, all of our outlines are treated as guides to help steer the workshop. This outline does not guarantee that all the topics listed will be covered in the time allowed. The amount of material covered is based on the skill level of the student audience. We may change or alter course topics to best suit the classroom situation.

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