Applied Color Theory Archive

Welcome to the Applied Color Theory archive of particularly interesting threads. These have been edited slightly for content and to remove advertising. They are divided into five categories:

Color Correction
Curves, channel blending, sharpening, LAB, and other tools for improving image quality.

Daily Life
The lot of the photographer in today's market, the trials of software upgrades, whether to use in-house graphics help or outsource it, and other general issues that confront us daily.

General Color
Scanning practices, books on color, and interesting tidbits about historical and current practices in the color world.

Profiling and Proofing
Calibration, embedded tags, and proper Photoshop color settings, including the use of false profiles in color correction.

Separation Issues
Everything pertaining to the conversion into CMYK, including GCR, total ink, dot gain, and how to prepare separations for overseas and other unusual printing conditions.

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