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Advice Re a Poor Print Job (2004)
How do you deal with complaints about the quality of an overseas job you haven't yet seen?

Camera Raw and Color Shift (2004)
A user complains of color being inappropriately altered by Photoshop CS's Camera Raw, and gets advice from the experienced.

Clarification of Basics (2006)
A Photoshop instructor asks what he should tell his students about minimum highlight value, how to evaluate unsharp masking, and how much scanning resolution is enough.

Color Management and Large Corporations (2002)
What do do when the service provider won't cooperate, both in theory and in the real world.

Color Theory and Practice (2007)
Discussion of a correction made difficult by counter-casts morphs into a lengthy discussion of the objects of by-the-numbers color, what makes for 100% approval of a correction, what constitutes an "original photo" and of the master-curve correction structure of Camera Raw.

Dan's Photofinishing Test, the Prequel (2006)
Dan proposes testing how consistent photo labs are by sending a single job to many of them. The list doesn't agree on what the test will show.

Dan's Photofinishing Test (2006)
The results are in, and the labs look bad in the consistency department. List members strongly disagree on what it all means.

Dan's Photographer Thread, 2001
Dan asks for assessment of current economic conditions for professional photographers, and gets more responses than he expected.

Dan's Photographer Thread, 2007
Six years after the above thread, Dan poses more questions to see how the industry has changed.

Dan's Year-End Look, 2005
Dan discusses how his students are seeing the state of the industry at year-end 2005.

Dan's Year-End Look, 2007
Dan reports on the trends he's seeing in advanced courses.

Dan's Year-End Look, 2008
Sobering news as the economy sours.

Dan's Year-End Look, 2009 
Economic developments bring retrenchment, and lots of foreign students to Dan's classes.

File Naming Systems (2004)
A simple, yet important question: how should we name a large group of files, some of which are revisions of others, in a way that other people find understandable?

Goodbye, Photoshop? (2008)
A list member asks whether it makes more sense to do more in modules such as Lightroom.

High-end Correction 1: Still of Value? (2007)
The anonymous head of prepress at a well-known printer asks why the industry gets no respect.

High-end Correction 2: The Future for Custom Separators (2009)
Prepress specialists once ruled the graphic world, just as dinosaurs ruled theirs. This thread asks whether there is still a place for them.

How to Evaluate Photoshop Technicians (2007)
What qualities should we look for in a new hire? Some members answer that we should check how well they know how to spell.

Inhouse or outsource? (2000)
With a stable of art directors, does it pay to train them to be retouchers, or does it make more sense to send the work outside?

Keyboard Shortcuts (2005)
Dan Margulis asks the list for recommendations as to how to refer to keyboard shortcuts in print without offending either PC or Mac users, and sets off a firestorm.

LAB to Inkjet Printers (2007)
How many people are brave enough to send LAB files directly to an inkjet printer that may expect RGB? What are the current results?

Maintaining Color in Paintings (2004)
How to photograph fine artwork for best color fidelity.

Maximum Compatibility and Previews (2002)
List members complain that Photoshop 7 takes an inordinately long time to save super-large files, even when Maximize Compatibility is turned off. The solution is surprising.

Move the List? (2007)
The moderators propose moving the list away from the yahoogroups format toward a more conventional bulletin board. After hearing considerable dissension, they back off.

PDF: Best Colorspace to Use? (2003)
Group members discuss the best settings for images that will be viewed by many different people in PDF.

Photographers and CMYK (2000)
Discussion on whether photographers should provide CMYK or RGB files.

Photography and Color Trends (2000)
A stimulating discussion of how the photographer has to adjust to some the new realities of our digital world.

Photography and Scanning (2003)
Why can't professional scanning services match the art? Is cheap digital photography the answer? And a discussion of film vs. the LP.

Photoshop 7 Ships (2002)
List members comment on the negative color management features of the 7.0 release, and on the 7.0.1 corrective upgrade that reversed them, along with discussion of other changes to the interface.

Photoshop CS2 Ships (2005)
List members discuss the release of Creative Suite 2, with particular attention to activation and to the stability of Bridge.

Photoshop CS4: Prerelease Feedback (2007)
Members discuss what they'd like to see in the next update of Photoshop.

Photoshop CS4: Early Feedback (2008)
Early adopters of Photoshop CS4 voice their concerns.

Photoshop CS4: Four Suggested Rules for Software Developers (2008)
In the wake of the Photoshop CS4 release, Dan suggests that certain types of change should be declared off limits. He then discusses how Photoshop CS4 violated these common-sense rules..

Photoshop CS4: Mid-Cycle Feedback (2008)
Dan reports on how his classes were seeing the release as of the end of 2008.

Photoshop CS4: Late Feedback (2009)
Comments about the CS4 Path tool lead to discussions of how many professionals have moved to Photoshop CS4.

Printer Adding Digicam Department (2005)
When a printer asks for advice on how to set up an in-house photography operation, professional photographers take umbrage.

Rationale for Monitor Calibration (2005)
A professor asks for input as to exactly why it's necessary.

Recommended Endpoints (2003)
A question about what the whitest and darkest points should read leads to a
wide-ranging discussion on shooting methods.

Resaving JPEG (2002)
Does saving a file again and again in JPEG format degrade it?

Retouching, Ethical and Otherwise (2011-2012)
A lengthy, months-long discussion of what types of retouching are permissible in advertising and editorial contexts, with discussions of seven cases, including two where photographers were fired from their newspapers.

Retouching Reagan (2008)
A throwaway comment by Dan regarding prepress practices in the 1980s leads to a fascinating discussion of the ethics of retouching public figures--including controversies in the 2008 election.

RGB to CMYK Conversions (2006)
Should the photographer do them, or should it be left to the printer?

Statements to Validate (2005)
A college instructor asks the list's advice on what basic principles should be taught to his students--and discovers, in a stimulating and heated discussion, that there's no consensus.

TIFF vs, PSD (2007)
Discussion of the purposes and history of the two formats.

What to Teach at Photoshop World (2009)
Dan asks for, and receives, interesting suggestions..

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