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Books on Color Perception (2005)
List members discuss their favorite titles

Books on Color Theory (1999)
List members discuss their favorite titles

Books and Thoughts on Color Theory (1999)
List member Ron Bean compiles a list of intriguing excerpts from this century's leading color texts.

The CMYK JPEG Bug (2002)
A Photoshop 7 bug afflicts CMYK JPEGs with white backgrounds, provoking discussion about the JPEG role and how much technical knowledge should be required of programmers.

Colorblindness (2000)
Discussion on colorblindness and how it affects the web.

Color Temperature and Metamerism (2000) 
List members Chris Murphy and Ron Bean debate proper viewing conditions.

Copyrights, Trademarks, and Obviousness (2012)
Can a fashion designer trademark a specific color? Can a retoucher copyright a certain type of black-and-white conversion? Can a software programming team, working from scratch, deliberately create a product with the look and feel of another? The list doesn't agree on these points, but that's not surprising, since judges don't, either.

Design Tools Monthly, 1992-2013 
Dan discusses the unique contribution of one of the major voices in the desktop publishing revolutions

Dots and Spots (2003)
What's the difference between the spots laid down by an printing device, and the actual halftone dots?

Ralph Adam Fine, 1941-2014
Comments about a valuable group member who was invisible online because his day job was as a distinguished jurist.

5000K Lighting (1999)
Discussion on the difference between D50 and 5000K lighting.

Bruce Fraser, 1954-2006
Dan Margulis comments on the untimely passing of a longtime friendly rival.

Impressionism and the AB Sharpen (2007)
The relation between the Impressionist style of painting and the unusual tactic of sharpening the AB of LAB.

Is Gammaless Better? (2005)
Discussion of the ramifications of programming and correcting without a gamma correction.

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 
Dan calls him "the most influential businessperson in American history, and I say this as a student of John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford, both of whom lived much longer than he did." This lengthy appreciation discusses Jobs' legacy and the personal attributes that led to his enduring influence.

The K in CMYK: What Does It Stand For? (2006)
Kontrast, Kultur, Key? List members take some guesses.

LCD v. CRT (2003)
The group debates whether the new monitor technology is ready for prime time.

Modern Photoshop Color Workflow Arrives (2013) 
Early readers of the new book comment to Dan offline.

Photoshop LAB Color Arrives (2005)
Thoughts on why the book sold well, and suggestions for Dan's next book.

Primary and Secondary Colors (2005)
Additive, subtractive, primary, secondary. This thread straightens the terminology out.

Printing CMYK to an RGB Device (2004)
Why most desktop printers require RGB input, even though they use CMYK inks.

Printing: Where to Find Information? (2007)
A photographer asks for information about resources on commercial printing.

Mario Rampone, 1928-2013 
Dan pays tribute to one of our great typographers, the only one who could deal with Paul Rand. 

Readability and Teaching (2005)
A comment concerning Professional Photoshop turns into a discussion of how to make Photoshop books more readable and less filled with jargon.

Solux an Entire Room (2005)
List members weigh in on the costs and benefits of outfitting an entire room with graphic arts-quality lighting.

Standard Color Viewing Temperature (2002)
What's the correct monitor setting, and what's the best lighting to view color?

Standard Markup Language--Is There One? (2004)
How should a client phrase requests for retouching so that the next person will understand what's being asked for?

Why Is the Sky Blue? (2008)
How is it that the human visual system is so adept at rejecting even minor color casts? How often do we have to alter casts that the camera has seen?

Hermann Zapf, 1918-2015
Dan's comments on the development of typography in the twentieth century and today, on the occasion of the passing of the designer of Palatino, Optima, and Melior. 

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