Comments on Professional Photoshop Training with Dan Margulis

"The most intense, in-depth and educating three days of my life so far."
--Joshua Sowards, retoucher, Valvoline Corp., Lexington KY.

"I just finished the 3 day Dan Margulis class on color correction in
Photoshop, and it was some of the most productive days I have ever spent. Anyone who wants to know how to fully control their digital images, this guy reveals all of the secrets. There is way more that I could take in during the set time, but to give you an idea, I came home after the first day and told my wife that
if I learned nothing more, he had fully earned the course fee. The
following two additional days were just as productive--he is truly the modern
genius of making color correction understandable to the layman.
Most of the people in the class were pre-press workers, or high end
scanner operators and pressmen. I was one of only two artists, the other guy being
a designer. Margulis made no attempt to make the material directly relate to
what I do, but I think I learned more about the theory of image construction
and control from him than any painting teacher I ever had."
--David B. Mattingly, professional illustrator, Hoboken, NJ

"Although we averaged spending 12 hours at the computer, these were the
quickest 3 days I can recall experiencing."
--Gary Baker, Advertising Mgr., May's Drug Stores, Inc., Tulsa, OK

"Probably the best course of any sort I have ever taken. Great hands on
experience from a teacher who seems to take a great deal of pleasure in teaching
people the intricacies of color correction."
--Jim Ray, President, McFeely's Square Drive Screws, Lynchburg, VA

"I thought I knew Photoshop--after all, I teach Photoshop. This class was
like getting a Ph.D. in a subject I didn't even know existed."
--Ed Freeman, professional photographer, Los Angeles

"Three very long days, with a great payoff. Dan's course will dramatically
change how we deal with color at our newspaper and I recommend it highly to
anyone who is involved in dealing with color images on the desktop. Dan's
knowledge and understanding of correcting images challenges many accepted 'facts', changes the way many of us think/thought about color, and turns a number of sacred cows into great burgers!"
--Dave Balderstone, Technical Services Manager, Western Producer
Publications, Saskatoon, SK

"This course's bag of tricks has changed my photo life in three significant
ways. First is productivity. I get a lot more work done in a much shorter
period of time. Clients love that. And second, I have a whole new income stream. I have billable days every week doing nothing but color. In these days of
uncertainty in the photo business, more billable days are a very good thing. I'm
making more money now than I have in my entire thirty years of shooting. And
last but certainly not least, is the renewed awareness of how much I love my job.
It's been a while since I had this much interest in photography."
--Dianne Woods, professional photographer, Berkeley, CA

"Demanding, rigorous, and exceptional. The course packs a wallop."
--Tim Kennedy, professor, North Dakota State Univ, Fargo, ND

"Everyone and anyone who works with images should take this course. The world would be a much more beautiful place if they did."
--Laura Wettlaufer, Watermark Advertising Design, Calgary, AB

"I came to this class expecting to increase my confidence in color correction
and image enhancement. These expectations were met and more. The small class
size, hands-on work, critiques and brutal honesty are exactly what this type
of training needs."
--Jeremy Perez, W.L. GoreMedia Group, Flagstaff, AZ

"This was the most production-oriented class I have ever been to. I can use these tools immediately in my production environment."
--Al Ruhnke, Retoucher, August Home Publishing, Des Moines, IN

"I learned more in this class than I ever thought possible. Dan is amazing in
his abilities and his teaching practices."
--Dennis Kennen, Acorn Studio Fine Art, Birchwood, WI

"I learned more in three days than I would have in one semester. The concepts I have learned will exponentially improve my work and my end product."
--Monday Busque, HourMedia, Detroit

"Wow! As a marine biologist and amateur photographer with no prior professional training in Photoshop or photography, I was hoping to learn a few things, but certainly not expecting to feel competent in color correction upon completing the program. Boy, was I wrong. The techniques taught are things I will use every day. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in desktop darkroom stuff. I learned more in three days than I could have taught myself in a year."
--Carolyn Watson, Edgewater, MD

"After being disappointed with several previous color management seminars,
this one exceeded even my most critical expectations. A must for anyone involved
in print reproduction of images."
--William Alexander, Art Director, Leisure Publishing Co., Roanoke, VA

"Best class I have ever taken."
--David Bridges, San Francisco Chronicle

"No messin' around, this is as real world as it gets. Easily the best Photoshop workshop I've ever taken."
--David Thorsen, photoillustrator/retoucher, Grey Health Group, New York City

"A 'must' for photographers who provide CMYK images to their clients."
--Chris Brown, professional photographer, Champaign, IL

"Dan Margulis proved to be as excellent a teacher as he is a writer. His
course far exceeded my expectations--handily beating anything available in New
York City. Dan lifts the veil from the mysteries of color correction, unleashing
Photoshop's power to bring even run-of-the-mill scans to life with vivid and
realistic colors. He's thorough and tough, and he brings good humor and high
standards to a most mind-expanding class. I also believe that the small size of
the class, and his balance between lectures and hands-on practice, help
achieve a near ideal learning environment. Dan Margulis' class was so worth the trip to Atlanta that I would recommend it to anyone who wants to raise the
standards of getting the best color possible in print."
--Kevin Gepford, digital mechanical artist, MTV, New York City

"Dan Margulis is an exacting professional and a great teacher. This was
exactly what I wanted."
--Randy Mays, Washington Post

"Probably the best value and most comprehensive training I have been at--and
I have been at lots! And presented at lots!"
--Stan Kohn, Professor of Photography,
Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland

"I can't recommend it highly enough. I've never made a better investment of both time and money."
--Jeff Walker, manager photography & electronic prepress, Valvoline Corp., Lexington, KY

"I gained a much better understanding of the color range within Photoshop with some seminars, you may remember ten percent, but with this class I got a lot more. Dan lets you make mistakes, then puts you in the right direction."
--Tina Hughes, color systems administrator, Graphic Communications, Lawrenceville, GA

"I expected to pick up 'a few good tips' and found myself thoroughly humbled and awed. A super class and one I would not only recommend but happily take again myself."
--Linda Mahoney, book production retoucher, Dexter, MI

"You're given techniques that make you more productive. The information is geared toward the type of work you do. No time is wasted on things that don't pertain to your work. We liked it enough to schedule three more days with Dan."
--Bob Hines, manager, electronic prepress, Rich's Department Stores, Atlanta

"Excellent experience. Benefitted from intimate class size and hands-on instruction. Simulates real-work experience with deadlines and need to perform to a standard of quality."
--Anne Adkins, vice president, Howard Adkins Communications, Austin, TX

"Dan's techniques have opened up a whole new way of thinking and working for me. I feel like I have a new version of Photoshop to work with now."
--Michael Lamy, senior retoucher, Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, MO

"As someone who has attended Dan's three-day course I can say that it was the best investment I've ever made. I have great respect for Ansel Adams 'Zone System of Photography' and recognize that Margulis' approach to Photoshop shares many similarities. In involves an understanding of CMYK values (zones) and how these will print. It's a very simple and elegant approach to the problem. If put to the test I probably could (grudgingly) color correct an image with a b/w monitor."
--Russell Proulx, professional photographer, Montreal

Anonymous comments from course evaluations:

"You become humbled and then learn to turn that around. The straight talk by Dan was the only way to hold this class. The individual tasks followed by the group comparisons further demonstrate the usefulness of all techniques and you are able to see how you did and are shown how to make it better. Dan is a fantastic instructor!"

"This class was like drinking out of a fire hose. I hope I can retain most of it. I can't wait to get to work and apply these techniques."

"Most excellent! A terrific experience and a wonderful atmosphere for learning."

"FABULOUS! After two years of searching, this class did more for my understanding of color theory, color correction, and alternative methods of color adjustments than any structured learning to date."

"This has been by far the best workshop I have ever attended. This has opened my eyes to so many things. Though not gaining a firm grasp on everything fully, I feel better prepared to face the challenge of color correction."

"It's just flat out THE REAL THING. The best learning experience of my life. Great learning environment allows you to stay focused during long hours."

"The days were very long and I felt that after eight or nine hours my mind was shot. The advantage of the long days was that it gave me focused time to learn, which I don't always have. I feel that I've learned a great deal from my mistakes."

"Sort of a boot camp for making good images. Occasionally painful, but I think the end results will be excellent. Good job!"

"The course was intense, challenging, and very satisfying. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the small group. Mr. Margulis conveys a wealth of information with clarity, brio, and good humor."

"This has been by far the best workshop I have ever attended. This has opened my eyes to so many things. Though not gaining a full grasp on everything, I feel better prepared to face the challenge of color correction."

"Amazing course! I've learned so much in the past three days, and will hopefully retain all this knowledge. Dan is a great instructor and the long days felt short and flew by."

"Although I expected to pick up some tricks in Photoshop that would have helped me in graphic situations, I will never look at a color photo the same way again. Very strong course, well worth the time and effort."

"I guess I knew you had me when I started thinking color curves during sex on the second night."

"By far the best class on color I have ever participated in."