Prepress Training

Since 1993, Sterling Ledet & Associates has offered extensive training in all aspects of electronic prepress using the latest high-end graphics and prepress production software. Whether it's professional retouching and color correction training with Dan Margulis, preflighting and production readiness using products like InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop, and Enfocus Pitstop or imposition and stripping with products such as Kodak PREPS.

Back in the late 80s, before there was a company called Yahoo! much less Google, the web was made up solely of dedicated enthusiasts who created pages on the topics that interested them. Sterling Ledet created one of the earliest pages dedicated to electronic prepress at It was called the Global Prepress Center. Back then, directories were called jumplists, and page design was called Desktop Publishing. The Global Prepress Center was one of the first jumplists for content related to the then relatively new field of desktop publishing, and it's big sister electronic prepress. The Global Prepress Center jumplist has been outdated for some time, but we finally figured we'd fix the link and solve some of the 404 errors in our web log.

If you are a prepress professional looking for Adobe authorized training to help enhance your career, or if you are a manager looking to make sure your team maximizes productivity with your upgrade to CS5, you should take a look at what Ledet Graphics Training has to offer. Use our get a quote page to get a proposal for a custom engagement at your site, or check our regular public schedule for classes across the US.

While Ledet Graphics Training is now offering classes in Creative Suite 5 in our public facilities, training in earlier Adobe software is still available for private and onsite training classes. For a great selection of resources from Adobe directly related to prepress, check out the Adobe Print Resource Center.

Of course we also offer training on web production using products like Dreamweaver and Flash, as well as video production with After Effects and Premiere.