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RoboHelp Training Description

Adobe RoboHelp training courses will help you learn to easily create professional help systems and knowledgebases

  • Regularly scheduled RoboHelp training classes

    Open enrollment RoboHelp training courses are listed below. Course outlines are available in both PDF and HTML format. Use the add to wishlist feature to create a wishlist of classes you'd like to take.

  • Onsite RoboHelp training at your location

    Please use the Quote Request form for onsite training which can be customized to your specific requirements and time frame.

  • Live online RoboHelp training classes

    Instructor-led, elearning RoboHelp classes are offered in an online virtual classroom. You can attend from anywhere with a high speed internet connection. Classes are fully interactive and hands-on with students able to view the instructors monitor, ask questions, and show their screen to the instructor as needed.

Adobe RoboHelp Adobe RoboHelp Training Course Outlines

Adobe RoboHelp training classes

Adobe RoboHelp software is a professional authoring tool for developing help systems, eLearning content, knowledgebases, and policies and procedures. Its enhanced editing and layout capabilities enable you to create engaging interactive content and publish to multiple channels—even as an Adobe AIR application—for an integrated online and offline user experience.

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