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These instructions explain how to transmit audio that normally comes out of your computer speakers via the VoIP line in GoToTraining. Please read both methods as one may work out better for you. Each has their downside.

[edit] SOFTWARE OPTION (Cannot use microphone when switching via software)

  1. Double click on the volume icon in the system tray
  2. Go to Options -> Properties
  3. Under "Adjust Volume For" choose "Recording"
  4. Make sure "Stereo Mix" is checked
  5. Press "OK "
  6. On the new screen, place the checkbox for "Select" under "Stereo Mix"

[edit] HARDWARE OPTION (Can use both microphone and play audio at the same time, requires hardware)

Parts needed:

Two (2) 3.5mm audio splitters (one male, two female)
One (1) 3.5mm audio patch cable (two male ends, typically 3” long)
  1. Plug one splitter into your Line Out port (for speakers, typically colored green)
  2. Plug the other splitter into your Microphone port (typically pink)
  3. Plug the patch cable into the splitter on Line Out and then into the splitter on Microphone.
  4. Plug your Microphone into the microphone splitter, and then plug your Speakers into the line out splitter.

If you have any additional questions or need further clarification regarding this matter, please visit the GoToTraining Support Center at The Support Center includes Self Help files and GoToTraining Global Customer Support Contact Information.

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