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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) is an enterprise level content publishing system designed to allow publishers to make content available on mobile devices. It is based on Adobe InDesign.

Parts of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

The Suite includes several components. Adobe InDesign is the central component of the workflow. InDesign users work with an Overlay Creator panel to add rich tablet based functionality to their layouts. An Adobe AIR based application called Content Bundler is then used to convert InDesign files to a .folio format file. This file is read by the Adobe Content Viewer which can be custom branded as an Apple (or other mobile provider) application.

Design of Digital Publishing Suite documents

Each article (or ad) within a .folio issue is called a stack. The design of each stack should have a horizontal (1024x768px) and a vertical (768x1024px) design. When a document is bundled, all non-interactive page items are flattened into a single image file. Interactive items appear on top of the flattened image as overlays.

Interactive objects can include video, audio, 360-degree photographic views, panoramas, hyperlinks, image pans, and slideshows.

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