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'''Defining Rich Media Publications'''
'''Defining Rich Media Publications'''
Enhanced ebooks
Enhanced ebooks
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How to turn a profit from free-to-own ebooks and e-publications
How to turn a profit from free-to-own ebooks and e-publications
Value-adding e-publications
Value-adding e-publications
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Defining Rich Media Publications Enhanced ebooks Examples of rich media publications on the iPad

Formats and Creation Tools PDF-Based Publications Flash-Based Publications The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Woodwing's Digital Magazine Tools RovingBird ePublisher

Rich Media Publication Foundations Layout requirements Pages sizes Repurposing print publications to digital publications Content management considersations unique to iPad/tablet publishing Master page best practices Paragraph and character style best practices

Basic Interactivity Internal and external hyperlinks Creating headers and footers Using page numbers Building a user-friendly page-level navigation system Employing text variables

Adding Audio, Video, and Animation Supported formats Preparing audio and video Placing and sizing multimedia content

Advanced multimedia controls

Advanced Interactivity Buttons--they aren't what they sound like Creating rollover image galleries Creating video galleries Replacing text content with buttons

Publishing and Imposition Finalizing Flash-based publications Finalizing PDF-based publications Building horizontal and vertical layouts Combining page versions into a single publication Finalizing publications in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Finalizing publications in RovingBird ePublisher Hands-On: InDesign to eBook: Design, Customize, Deploy [2-Day Course]

What are eBooks ePUB versus MOBI eBook Readers ePUB format advantages and disadvantages

Creating Basic eBooks Laying out ebooks Laying out the book text Repurposing for-print text to ebook Creating and using appropriate paragraph and character styles

Preparing and Adding Images and Video Unique requirements for photos, figures, illustrations, and captions in eBooks How to prepare images in Photoshop and Illustrator Adding a cover image Placing and laying out images and video

eBook Output Exporting ePubs Exporting for Kindle What's inside that ePUB file Metadata Dealing with InDesign's ePub export bugs

eBook Styling What controls the styling of ebooks Editing the styling of ebooks Fonts and ebooks

Advanced eBook Production Adding and editing hyperlinks Creating a tables of content Creating an index Creating multi-chapter ebooks Creating external CSS ebook stylesheets for efficient, multi-ebook publishing Publishing, Selling, and Profiting from eBooks, eMagazines, and eNewsletters [1 Day Course]

Pre-Publishing Obtaining an ISBN number for books What to do after obtaining an ISBN number Obtaining an ISSN number for periodicals

Publishing & Distributing Step by step: Getting your ebook into Apple's iBooks store Step by step: Getting your ebook into Amazon.com and Kindle Publishing your eMagazine or eNewspaper to Kindle Digital Rights Management, do you need it?

Selling & Profiting Distributing ebooks and periodicals Selling ebooks: why, how, how much, and who can collect the money for you Managing e-magazine subscriptions and services that can handle distribution and recurring payments for you How to turn a profit from free-to-own ebooks and e-publications Value-adding e-publications

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