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Instructor Resources

==Best Preferences== (Thanks Kelly McCathran)

Prefs > Units & Increments

   INCHES (90% of North America is on inches, why are the defaults still in Picas & Points?)

   Size & leading to 1
   Baseline shift to 1
   Kerning Tracking to 10

Prefs > Display Performance

   Vector Graphics > High Resolution
   Greeking to 0

Prefs > Type > Smart Text Reflow **(CS4 & CS5)

   Turn OFF Limit to Master Text Frames
   Turn ON Delete Empty Pages

Edit > Spelling > Dynamic Spelling (It's crazy how many people still don't know this is there)

View > Extras > Show Text Threads

Basic Paragraph

   Optical (not Metric) Kerning
       8 letter words
       3 before hyphen
       3 after hyphen
       UN-CHECK all the bottom boxes

Pages Panel Menu > Panel Options

   Turn OFF Show Vertically for Pages (not Masters, again a silly option that isn't set best by default)

In a New doc always make Bleed .125"

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