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Welcome to the Ledet Wiki

The Ledet Wiki is a resource for information on all things related to Ledet Training. It is home to articles covering a wide range of Ledet topics. Articles are contributed by the Adobe and Apple training community and by Ledet employees.

Portable Software

Imagine carrying your favorite settings, programming support, information and profiles on a PC that can correspond to your passwords chain. It is possible with portable software - device programs that can be carried around with you on portable device and used on any Windows, Linux or Mac computer.

Copying such program to a different computer will not alter system registry of that computer or add any additional files to system folders. It’s very easy in use. When your portable hard drive, flash drive or other device is plugged in, you would have access to your chosen soft and personal information just as you would do on your own your PC. You can work, talk with friends, send email, play a game, view photos - all without worrying if apps are installed on the device. It needs to comply with the following requirements, not all soft can be portable.

iPhone developers presents the bests free software apps.

Free software tools and applications

Use online users counter to check an exact number of online users on your website. Install a - shoutbox to make discussions. A simple tool of flash photo gallery can help to keep and to display photos.

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