Adobe Captivate Prime for Learners

Captivate Course Description

In this 1-day comprehensive instructor-led training, Participants will learn how to navigate Adobe Captivate Prime, primarily as a Learner, though you will also recieve partial foray into a few more advanced functions.

Captivate Prime is swiftly emerging as an industry leader for Learning Management Systems (LMS) that empowers the user to set up, deliver, and track learning all by themselves.

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Captivate Course Benefits

This hands-on guided lesson will introduce Participants to the functions of Adobe Captivate Prime, and will see Participants becoming comfortable with some very useful functions, systems, and skills within Captivate Prime!

Among other things, Participants will:

  • Create Learning Programs
  • Learn about Gamification and Feedback
  • Develop and facilitate Learning Plans
  • Come to understand Badges
  • Develop some of the necessary skills to ease access to the program, and make it work for you!

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