Microsoft Training for Professionals

Ledet Microsoft training offers hands-on, instructor led training courses on almost every Microsoft product. We teach the newest Microsoft software, previous version by special request for Private classes.


Our suite of Microsoft training courses include:

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel: Powerful spreadsheet application for data organization, analysis, and visualization. User-friendly with features like formulas and charts. Ideal for simple calculations and complex data tasks.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook: Streamlining email, calendars, and tasks for efficient communication and organization. Elevate productivity with advanced features and seamless integration.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365: Cloud-based suite with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Seamless collaboration, real-time access from any device, and additional services for enhanced efficiency and communication.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint: Create dynamic and engaging presentations effortlessly with user-friendly tools and templates. Elevate your communication and captivate your audience.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word: Create, edit, and format documents effortlessly. A user-friendly tool for individuals and professionals, offering powerful text editing and collaboration features.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint: Streamline teamwork and information sharing with a collaborative platform. Organize, share, and access documents seamlessly, enhancing productivity across diverse business functions.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams: Unified communication and collaboration platform for seamless teamwork. Chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and app integration in one hub, enhancing productivity for remote or dispersed teams.

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio: Simplify diagram creation with a user-friendly interface. Ideal for flowcharts, organizational charts, and more. Visualize ideas and processes effectively for clear communication.

Microsoft PowerShell

Microsoft PowerShell: Automate tasks, configure systems, and enhance efficiency with this powerful scripting language and command-line shell for Windows environments. Streamline administrative processes with ease.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote: Dynamic digital note-taking for seamless organization and sharing. Collaborative editing, multimedia integration, and cross-device sync for efficient personal and professional note management.