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Official Autodesk AutoCAD training for all skill levels

This Autodesk authorized AutoCAD training series was designed with the support of Autodesk's top AutoCAD experts. You won't find this level of quality instruction anywhere else.

Beginner to advanced AutoCAD training

If you're new to Autodesk AutoCAD, you'll learn the fundamental concepts and features to create drawings with advanced, precise drafting tools. And if you've been using AutoCAD for a while, you'll find our AutoCAD training classes teach many advanced features and concepts suitable for professionals in a wide variety of industries.

AutoCAD basics that get you started fast

You will learn all the latest AutoCAD features, like smart dimensioning, enhanced searchable PDFs, and more.

High-end AutoCAD training

AutoCAD is the industry-standard CAD and drawing software used worldwide. You'll learn to use it to create everything from blueprints and architectural drawings to engineering and technical documents.


Step-by-Step hands-on instruction

Our monthly AutoCAD classes are 100% live and led by experienced AutoCAD instructors. There's plenty of room for exploration and experimentation, and we make sure your questions are answered. Your instructor is a coach, a mentor and a guide, who shares from years of personal experience in architecture, engineering and construction.

The power of education, now at your convenience.

In a world that thrives on adaptability and accessibility, we recognize the importance of providing options that cater to your unique needs. Our live instructor-led virtual training brings the classroom experience to your doorstep, allowing you to learn on your terms, at your pace. You can access our expert-led sessions and comprehensive curriculum without the need for travel, making it easier than ever to master AutoDesk AutoCAD.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more traditional learning environment, our nationwide classrooms offer a rich and immersive experience.

Either way you'll have the opportunity to engage with instructors and peers in person, fostering a sense of community and collaboration that can enhance your learning journey.

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Award winning expert instructors

We know that an experienced AutoCAD trainer and solid instruction will accelerate your learning. That's why we only have trainers who are certified at an expert level by Autodesk. Each class is closely monitored by Autodesk for 100% customer satisfaction.

The Ledet Difference


Professional & Relavent Courseware

Courseware & training files are included. You'll also get a frameable certificate of attendance in the class which may qualify for CEU credits in many fields. Additional resources, templates, real-world tips, and recommended best practice documentation are also provided exclusively in these classes.

Latest Version of Software

Classes are taught using updated software, so the instructor can cover the latest new features and show how to increase their proficiency by working intelligently within the application.

Small, Personalized Classes

Attendance is typically 4 to 8 people (12 max) which ensures you receive personal attention & get your specific questions answered. Personalization begins at the registration process where you can provide your specific goals & objectives for attending the class.

Hands-on Training by Experts

People learn best by doing things themselves. Our trainers realize it's not about showing off their deep skill set and talent. It's about how much you know & are capable of doing yourself when you leave the class.

Live Classroom, Online, or OnSite Training

We've got you covered. Some people prefer classroom training, while others value the flexibility and convenience of online learning. If more people need training, onsite at your location is avaliable. We deliver top-quality training in any modality you prefer.

Regularly Scheduled & Convenient

Most of our training classes are offered monthly in our training centers as well as online in our live instructor led Virtual classroom. For groups of 4 or more, we can schedule onsite training at your location.

Learn AutoCAD Essentials

AutoCAD 101

  • Number of Days 3
  • Drawing, Editing & Viewing Tools
  • Organizing Drawing Objects on Layers
  • Inserting & Creating Reusable Symbols
  • Adding Text, Dimensions & Hatching
  • Plus much, much more ....
Take your AutoCAD skills deeper

Advanced AutoCAD 201

  • Number of Days 2
  • Advanced Editing & Construction Techniques
  • Layering Manipulation & Management
  • Working with External Resources
  • Advanced Plotting & Publishing
  • Plus much, much more ....
AutoCAD Boot Camp

Master Autodesk AutoCAD

  • Number of Days 5
  • Learn Autodesk AutoCAD Thoroughly in less than 1 week
  • Essentials of Professional Drafting & Design
  • Full Document Engineering
  • Gain Extensive CAD Skills
  • Plus much, much more ...
AutoCAD 101 – Beginner
AutoCAD 201 – Intermediate
AutoCAD 101 – Beginner
AutoCAD 501 – Bootcamp
AutoCAD 201 – Intermediate
AutoCAD 301 – Advanced
AutoCAD 502 – Advanced Bootcamp
AutoCAD 302 – 3D Drawing and Modeling

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Arron K.

DesigUnited Refining Companynation

Overall a good class for someone who is just starting out with AutoCAD.

head 1

Jason M.

National Geographic

Very informative, learned a lot of new things. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was very easy to follow along and understand.

head 3

Joe R.


I learned a lot and the instructor was great - very knowledgeable and eager to help with specific questions.

head 2

Matt P.


Very complete instruction on advanced techniques, nice pace. Good real world examples