COTP Certified Online Training Professionals (COTP)

COTP Course Description

Become a Certified Online Training Professional (COTP). In this dynamic two-day intensive certification course for online trainers, you will learn, and experience-in-action, the best techniques for developing and delivering compelling online training. Participants learn about the best online training platforms, the preferred hardware and software, and practical and effective teaching methods for delivering training online. You’ll learn how to convert existing course materials for use online, and you’ll find out how to engage your online participants fully, even during extended training sessions. You’ll also learn how to create appropriate PowerPoint decks for online use, with images and iconography that supports your online content. As part of the two-day course, you will complete a live competency exam, during which you deliver a brief segment of training and demonstrate the online teaching techniques covered in this course. After the class, you’ll complete a written exam in order to receive your certification as an online training professional.

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