Dan Margulis, in addition to teaching his Applied Color Theory in Photoshop training class for Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc, is internationally considered the leading authority on color correction and reproduction. Following are links to some of his books and articles.


Modern Photoshop Color Workflow Modern Photoshop Color Workflow:
The Quartertone Quandary, the PPW, and Other Ideas for Speedy Image Enhancement

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The website, with lots more interesting material

Professional  Photoshop Fifth Edition coverProfessional Photoshop Fifth Edition:
The Classic Guide to Color Correction

Table of Contents

Chapter 3 - Color by the Numbers

Chapter 6 - Sharpening With a Stiletto

Professional Photoshop Fifth Edition Content
Compared to Fourth Edition

Photoshop LAB Color: The Canyon Conundrum and Other Adventures in the Most Powerful Colorspace

Table of Contents

Chapter 2 - LAB by the Numbers

Chapter 9 - The LAB Advantage in Selections and Masking

Professional Photoshop, 4th Edition  

Professional Photoshop 6


Professional Photoshop 5


Professional Photoshop (Original Edition)

MakeReady - Out of Print  
The Makeready Archive  

Dan Margulis's "Makeready" columns have played a unique role in the development of color correction technique.

In 1993, the late Tom McMillan, editor of Computer Artist magazine, proposed that Dan write a bimonthly column on desktop production issues, to be around double the length of typical magazine columns--up to six pages, if need be.

The column lasted nearly fourteen years--77 installments. It introduced many concepts that were revolutionary at the time yet have become standard in high-end retouching, such as curving to add contrast, luminosity blending, the use of LAB, hiraloam sharpening, and black-channel maneuvering. It is the only column of its kind ever to appear regularly simultaneously in two competing magazines in the U.S., and it appeared in five different translations as well.

Dan announced the end of the column's run in 2006. Sterling Ledet & Associates proudly provides PDF versions of many of these columns--sometimes as they originally ran, sometimes in the revised form in which they appeared in one of Dan's later books. Click here to view a listing and summary of all 77 columns, including the addition of several PDFs that were unavailable until 2013.

Other Articles

A Profile of Photoshop 5

Dan's influential 1998 review of the most controversial upgrade ever lambasted its implementation of color management.

How Color Management Failed

A year later, an analysis of why the technology was not (and would not) be adopted by service providers.

Introducción a las Curvas

Se puede eliminar casi toda clase de problemas con una única aplicación de la herramienta más potente de Photoshop, la curva de entrada y salida.

La K Es la Clave

La manipulación del canal negro es la acción más eficaz para corregir el color.

Desiat Kanalov Kazhdogo Fila

Every File Has Ten Channels - Dan's chapter on luminosity blending, in Russian.

Control de Separación y Color Settings

How to handle the color settings dialog box in Photoshops 6 and higher. In Spanish.

Cada Archivo Tiene Diez Canales

Dan's luminosity blend chapter, in Spanish.

A Russian-Language Site

In 2007, Dan's Russian-language publisher inaugurated a site (click here to enter) with details about and discussion of his translated publications. It includes the Russian texts of many Makeready articles and other news of interest to Russian readers.

An Italian-Language Site

In 2008, Dan's Italian sponsor inaugurated a site (click here to enter) with details about Dan's classes and public appearances in Italy. Several Makeready articles appear in Itaiian translation and there's a lot about Dan's background.


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