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Articulate Storyline 201 – Articulate Storyline Advanced (including 360)

Storyline Course Description

This 2-day class provide you with the hands on practice with advance techniques and methods on Themes & Templates, Custom Navigation, Gamification, Advanced Quizzing, Accessibility and Reporting, and more.

Our instructors are industry professionals and will not only teach participants the program but will also show them pitfalls and common errors, best practices, and shortcuts. They are well versed in advanced workings of Storyline, and will teach students to increase proficiency and how to work intelligently within the application.

This class is suitable for both users of Articulate Storyline perpetual license and Articulate Storyline 360 subscription license.

  • Themes & Templates
  • Custom Navigation
  • Gamification
  • Video Control and Sliders
  • Advanced Quizzing
  • Extending Storyline
  • Accessibility and Reporting

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Storyline Course Benefits

It is expected that users have a basic understanding of how they hope to use this program to further their goals. Many of our instructors are also happy to help with questions specific to projects students are working on! Among other things, Participants will learn to:


  • Execute a Print JavaScript
  • Engage the Learner with Games
  • Navigate and use: Triggers and Layers, Gamification, Video Control and Sliders
  • Add Triggers for a Progress Indicator
  • Change a Character’s State Based on Time
  • Import Questions From a File
  • Control Accessibility Visibility

Suggested Prerequisites

This class is appropriate for intermediate to advanced level users of Storyline. Familiarity with Articulate Storyline (including 360) or equivalent experience is suggested. We also recommend that you have the Articulate Storyline software before starting the class. You can purchase the software or obtain a trial version of it from the Articulate website.

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